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Apparently not elite enough to attend

While not the first such meeting, such an event is long overdue. Too bad it is invitation only and that presentations and papers will only be available to attendees. And the limitation on attendance? Leads to questioning the idea that there are only 50 elites in the world who are capable of original thought or original work in the area or interested in attending. Or, is there is a belief that "secret sauce" will be discussed? Why would people with "works in progress" want to attend, spill their beans, and thus, spoil their publication and or product efforts?

As with such meetings on the subject in the past, it may just be that merely more nattering on the subject will take place here. In any case, keeping the inevitable Definitive and Illustrated History of Metrics talk out of the hands of mere mortals is very important. After all, they grant degrees for that sort of thing.


1) it is the first (formal) meeting of the securitymetrics.org group
2) i assume the limitations are due to it being a small, 1.0, bootstrapped con, not RSA
3) i would be (very) surprised if the materials were not available on the free, public site listed above
4) there are no elites in this space, it is a totally nascent field
5) 200 bucks is about as good a price for any con i have seen this side of defcon

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