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Andrew van der Stock

The surveillance society doesn't want your thumbs - it wants to identify and track you to their own ends, which may not be society's or your desire.

Don't bother cutting off your thumbs - they'd just as well imprint another digit or other identifying mark (palm prints are just as unique).

The only good thing is that works in our favor is that:

a) they have too much data to sift through
b) not enough imagination to ask the right questions of the data they already have
c) massive inertia and empires prevents new and better ideas taking hold (a stake through RFID's heart? anyone?)
d) inability to get things done in a timely fashion
e) lack of communications between bureaucracies

Prime examples of this include Dr Jayant Patel who was employed as a doctor without any form of checks, and continued to operate despite active investigations into the deaths of his patients. He left Australia on a commercial flight, using a first class ticket paid for by Queensland Health, despite all this. He made it through to the USA, and is there to this day.


Both Australia and the USA have extremely close intelligence links, both have the same overly paranoid and highly automated immigration mechanisms, and yet... he managed to avoid it all.

There is hope (and fear) yet.


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