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Sounds like an interesting read, I will add it to my list.


In the online transactions space (e.g., online banking) the e-gold field was a bellwether, often predicting the evolution of validated threats by 2 years or so.

It is possible to speculate on why this is ... I would point to the fact that e-gold operated more or less outside the normal regulated / policed / contracted space of the banks. This had a number of effects.

1. e-gold were on their own, and were never able to ask anyone to help. So the attack could be better developed without complications ... but also e-gold had to defend itself.
2. by the time e-gold was either mined out or had developed a strong defence, that meant that the attack was ready for trial in the broad market, with a strong preduction of success, and a lot of experience.

So one aspect is to look for groups that have value and cannot operate the normal defence postures, for one reason or another.

(Above is just speculation, and is no way meant to be a comment on goodness or badness of anything.)


Hi 1raindrop types,

Due to some SNAFU, the book is not yet available on amazon, but it is available at three other websites:

We have an entire chapter devoted to "money" and another to "the law"...but most of the book is deeply technical with lots of code to play with.



;O No!

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