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Good wrap-up. What did the Oracle say about energy?


How to Get Good Seats & Parking @ Annual Meeting
The meat @ the annual meeting is listening to open discussions w/ Charlie and Warren. This starts about 2 hrs after the start of the meeting, however, and these two first hours are propaganda (such as Geico or other commercials) or annual mtg. formalities (not of interest). Most Buffet-heads seem only to want to see the propaganda footage that's played on big screens the first hour or so of the meeting, then they go out to the exhibits, leaving primo seats wide open. To get good seats and parking for these first 2 hours of not-very-stimulating-content,you must show up very very early, 5AM? 4? I'm not sure as I've never done it. Too early for me. I have, however, sauntered in @ 745 AM (15 min before meeting start), and had to park seemingly a mile away and, if get seats at all, they are horrible. Better: at about 8:00, go to one of the many breakfast cafes outside of of Omaha, such as the leavenworth cafe. Enjoy a nice, leisurely breakfast. Read the paper, write down some thoughts. Leave such that you'll arrive @ Quest Center for 10:00. Perhaps pick up a cheese runza along the way, for lunch. When you get to the Quest Center, you can saunter into a front row parking spot (a few will have left by then even). There are no crowds because they're all in the auditorium. It's like a ghost town. Go to the auditorium with a big pad of paper. Go right down to the main floor. If nobody's abandoned their main floor seat @ 10 or so (right when the open q/a is starting), they will within the next 30 min, and there will be excellent seats in the lower level perimeter available. Take good notes for 6 hrs or so, then out. No traffic, no fighting crowds. Just condensed wisdom and intellectual candy.

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