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hmmm..... indeed....


Many principles in talent management apply to both business and sports. Jim Collins’ principle of getting the right people on/off the bus and Buckingham and Clifton on focusing on strengths, not weaknesses, is two quick examples that come to mind.

In case of the Wolves, their turnaround coincides with moving a key player – Foye - to his natural position of SG. Both Foye and team have taken off since then.

Now some, or at least me, still quibble with the root cause of why McHale finally made this move. Injuries made this happen, rather than recognition that Foye at PG was holding back his and the team’s offensive production. Going forward, will the coach realize that a stubbornly held opinion is wrong and adjust, or, will he go with his gut instinct and hope for the best?

This happens in business as well, we just don’t always read about it in the daily newspapers or online media.

Gunnar Peterson

@Daily1 - maybe they finally spun the fly wheel long enough that things clicked into gear. They are the hottest team in the NBA in 2009

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