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Very interesting! This reminds me a lot of my shift to software-centric threat modeling. What's the DFD of the international system?

(Should we even be nation-state centric?)


How about foreign direct investment?

Kim McDodge

This is interesting. There has been a phase change in this mental 3,000 year era from the industrial to the medial and Barnett does personify this change. The chemical/industrial is giving away to the media/biological which will redo and lift much of the toxicity that the industrial phase has wrought, just out of basic biological survival instinct. What fun to be a part of that!

As for being nation state centric, Adam, again, an industrial concept with its ideologistics, this may give way to noetic understanding and change to display of attachment to place among places, being biologically sane on a much more aware level than ever.

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