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the problem is the 17yo that checks you in and out makes $3/hr and is more interested in his tweets than your kids... social engineer that protocol at will without difficulty...

Adrian Lane

I think the continued 122db noise level and and damages the internal organs of small animals and scares adults away, making it safe for children to play. Rumor is NASA performs acoustical tests on shuttle components there prior to launch.


I like these "real world" protocol solutions. It's also fun wondering what "our industry" would have advised... all kids to bring identification? Bring formal invites on unforgeable paper? Pay with their credit cards on entry? ...

Any clues as to the nature of the light? I'm guessing that it is UV. Does this mean you can get UV reflecting skin ink? I can imagine lots of fun apps for that.


@iang: that's what I liked about it too, its the opposite of typical infosec.

real world infosec protocol would have a huge, cumbersome, error prone registration process on entry, then no further authorization, and none on the outbound side (the most important part in this case)

Chuck E Cheese has no up front "authentication" per se, just a group used for authorization, and believe me the outbound side was much more stringent than the inbound side (again the inverse)


I doubt if that's really true. At times, they have 10 parties going at the same time and I don't remember the checkin guy shuffling through to get the right stamp.
I've always wondered why they stamp everyone on the way in.


barcode wrist bands would be more effective I think. Everyone gets scanned on the way in and on the way out. The stamps are not always that clear.

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