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We are not in an Orwellian world, we're in a Huxleyan one as described in Brave New World. 1984 imagined a world where you were only allowed what someone else decided you should want and need. Brave New World imagined a world where you were given everything you wanted and more than you needed. Of course either choice meant slavery and tyranny. Everyone lives to serve the state.

Privacy must be sacrificed to make the future better.

Our challenge is to build a safer way for people to buy their soma while actually empowering the user. In the future I want to live in, I will be able to choose my identity provider or providers. Some will go with Google for the free smart phone. I'll choose a more trustworthy provider.

Going further, I want to be the one who grants permission for one entity to trade my data with another. This is the path to freedom. Allow people to live on the Savage Reservation if they so choose.

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