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Clive Robinson

There are a whole load of issues about "off shoring", most are detrimental over the short term let alone the long term.

The one that most anoys me is that the organisations that do it assume their home market will not be effected by moving jobs over seas.

The simple fact is that you need jobs to make customers for products. If you as a company outsource the jobs to another country the staff you lay off will not have jobs thus the income capacity to buy your product.

Yes it might make your next couple of quaters figures look good but what do you do after that?

Jobs are the life blood of any country, the drip drip drip of them abroad gives rise to the slow death from anemia.

If you are a shareholder go along to the AGM etc stand up and say to the directors that you will vote against any director who outsources jobs abroad.


Andy makes some great point in his article.

Start-ups are only part of the answer.

Depending just on retaining "knowledge work" in the United States as a way of ensuring our economic future is both impossible and, frankly, foolish. If we lose the ability to scale manufacturing, we will soon lose the ability to design, and then innovate. You have to make things. Manufacturing is the foundation of an industrialized nation's economy, and we are currently reaping what we have sown by sending it overseas.


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