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Frank Sfalanga

Interesting perspective on the subject of education in K-12. Here in FL my 13 year old is having to rely on his own sense of curiosity to gain a technical education. It helps that I helped organize a local Linux User Group thirteen years ago. This has given him access to 60 or so actual working sysadmins, software developers, webmasters and robotics programmers. They are much older than he - but technology doesn't descriminate based on age so long as you can grasp the concepts.

I hadn't heard of scratch (the MIT project) but my son started with Python and has dabbled in many programing languages/systems. Currently he's writing a GUI front-end for pdftk using codeblocks.org C++ and GTK

Did I mention that his school is ill equiped to provide guidance? Interestingly, I and his instructors do exactly as your article suggests. They tell him, "That's good - you can do better!"

Great article. Thanks

Brian B

Student interest in getting a college degree in Engineering has been declining for years. Math / Science / Engineering is "hard" for most people, and for some time there doesn't appear to be the motivation for students to invest the effort required.

I suspect education is less of a factor than societal perception or change.

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