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Inflation is not a natural phenomenon. It results from the policy of banking cartels (unnatural).

In the current climate, it would be stupid to simply save but it's also stupid to join a market that is openly rigged (see Maiden Lane).

In other words, you could say that saving is discouraged by monetary policy or, to be admittedly more extreme, that savings are plundered by those who control and benefit from monetary policy.

Who benefits? Banks that have access to free money (and even get to charge interest on the public debt) and politicians who can fund anything and everything that they can dream up from welfare entitlements to war with disregard for the purse.

Rather than assume that inflation is a given, we need start seeing it as obfuscated taxation.

Hardware for Distributed System

Not only in China the Saving rate of Eastern world is Generally way higher than Saving rate of the West.

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