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What I find frustrating is that the public seems mostly not at all curious about how we got here. Any attempts to look at root cause are dimissed by those held as authorities on the subject despite the fact that these are the same people who have been stewards of public perception and policy who insisted that perpetual growth was attainable.

Any interpretations that are inconvenient to the status quo are quickly lacerated with idiotic partisan narratives and squelched with the label of conspiracy theory.

Being smart enough to know the nature of the problem is not enough. We must understand how we got here. We must also hold the right people accountable, or at the very least clear a path for future accountability.

However, what is the message of fools like Tom Friedman, whose books populate the shelves of the middle class? His message is to put your waders on and prepare for less. And we should do this because of some fantastic dream of global peace and prosperity. That he can even sell any of his nonsense as new ideas points to other problems with the education of the middle class.

We need to approach this as we approach any complex system. It is and always was prone to failure. We must understand why this system has failed (and it has failed) and consider radical redesign. If we build into the new system clear accountability and responsibility, we'll have a better chance of having faithful stewardship over generations.


The point about Friedman is that he sells collective responsibility and I believe this is intended to protect those who should be held accountable. He's a company man who kisses up and kicks down (gently). He tells us that this is the consequence of our dreams and satisfies our curiosity about the system with empty calories. We need to stop listening to these people.

I hear people parroting him often.

If only people sought truth as authority rather than the truth of authorities, we could start to imagine and create a better world.


this would not be a bad start: "Why Financial Literacy Must be Taught in Our Schools"



That's just another article that blames the people for participating in a system that they don't understand and getting burned.

The solution to card counting at the Blackjack table is to eliminate card counting, not to teach the other players how to count cards.


Education is a starting point, not an endgame. I am biased but I believe that better education is essential in any systems

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