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Mr. Obvious

physical security - asset(x), field(real world), guards, gates, guns

information security - asset(information about x), field(minds), policy, procedures, information classification

emergency management - asset(business dealing with x), field(real world), response, recovery

cyber security - asset(all aspects of x data), field(real world, virtual worlds, minds), policy, procedures, information classification, controls/borders, monitoring, defense, offense, response, recovery


a distinction from Pat Helland - computers do not make decisions, computers _try_ to make decisions


Mr. Obvious

A distinction from me: Computers are not humans -- do or do not, there is no try. In fact, computers only do exactly what humans told them to do, whether the humans want to admit it or not.


Give it up, it's never going away. I interviewed Gen. Raduege (ret.) at the RSA conference and he actually views the emergence of "cyber" into our daily lingo as being the pivot point for the USG in particular in taking security seriously. So, you're stuck with it. Go fight a fight that's worth fighting... cuz this ain't it.

Now... if you'd like to talk about removing "security" from our lingo, then that would be great... because none of us "do" security... security is a descriptive term for other verbs and nouns...


@Ben - not sure what the value prop is for USG in "cyber".

" the USG in particular in taking security seriously."

Remember during Macondo the Navy and others would chime in with helpful thoughts on using subs, but they did not know how oil wells worked so it was up to the oil majors to fix it.

The story of that fix is instructive, the competitors - Exxon, RDS, Chevron et al, all sent their best people who worked together around the clock for months to get it fixed

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